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    駂e New Year ●holiday has● ignited enthusiasm ◆for consumption. ?/p>

    鯥t seems that all of〓 a sudden, everyone■ is out to buy somet■hing.Chen Bensong, ●Supermarke●t Manager, said, "Ou●r daily consume●r volume stands at a◆round 60-th●ousand. Sales of ◆clothing, healthca○re products and a◆lcohol have d●oubled."The ●government

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    d the cr〓aze. People are s◆tanding in 〓long queues to bu〓y home appli◆ances.Wu Cha●okun, Supermarket 〓Manager, said, "I■t's really ho〓t this year. ■The macro-●economic recovery ha●s greatly boosted ou○r businesses. Sales ◆of TV sets, washin●g machines○ a

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r."Chin●a moves to tap ●rural market po○tentialThe d●ocument sa■id the gov●ernment woul●d provide a● 13-percent subsi■dy to all rural buye○rs of home● appliances, includ■ing color T■Vs, refrig〓erators, mobile ph◆ones, washi●ng machines and f〓reezers. BEIJING,〓 March 15 (Xin〓hua) -- The followi●ng is the ful〓l te

xt of t○he Report on the ●Work of the Gover●nment deli◆vered by Prem◆ier Wen Jiabao at○ the Third S●ession of ●the Eleventh○ National Pe■ople's Congress■ on March 5, 2〓010 and adopted on◆ March 14, 2010○: Fellow Dep■uties, On behalf■ of the State● Council, I now pre●sent to yo●u my report on● the work of● the governmen●t for your deliberat〓ion and ap〓proval. I also inv◆ite the memb■ers of the■ National Committe●e of the Ch■inese People●'s Political ●Consultative Conf●erence (CPPCC) to p●rovide comments and ◆sug

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